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Paul Anthony Williams
Founder, Fanfare and Director, Kokuroku Media


I’m the founder of a software company called Fanfare which helps creators build awesome websites that fund their art.

I have lived in Manchester, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Bangkok and Amsterdam and I have travelled to >40 countries. I couchsurf and host. I have long hair and a beard to increase my chances of getting on screen as a Game of Thrones extra. Update: I was in Game of Thrones! I no longer have long hair or a crazy homeless person beard. I once slept on Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ floor for a week.

Previously I founded an online magazine which was acquired in 2012, then helped the acquiring publisher 20x their revenue in 36 months. As a journalist and broadcaster I have hosted two popular podcasts, contributed to CNN, FourFourTwo and T3 plus been an expert guest on BBC and Sky Sports News.

I was also Managing Director at Kokuroku Media where we developed beautiful web services and helped put together video campaigns for EA Sports, PUMA, adidas, BMW, Vauxhall and Chupa Chups that have been viewed over 10 million times.

You can read about building technology and media companies on my blog, track miscellaneous things I like from across the internet, or follow and get in touch on Twitter.


Paul Anthony Williams

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"All these things that I've done"

I tend to create things because I'd like them to exist. Sometimes that overlaps with what people want or what companies need and I make some money. I can't think of a better way to spend time or capital than to indulge the ones that don't anyway...

Founder, Fanfare

Fanfare helps creatives make more. Allowing the coolest people on the internet (independent creators) to build a beautiful website in seconds, using their existing content, and then directly connect with their true fans. Developed thesis that ads trend to zero and platforms aren't good long-term homes for art. Early traction with paying customers pre-ordering their sites.

From April 2016 to present

MD, Kokuroku Media

Built a full service digital agency in spare time. At peak had a 12 person team providing web development, digital marketing and multimedia content production services. Our work for adidas, Vauxhall and Chupa Chups has over 10 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

From April 2011 to March 2016

Managing Editor, The Coaching Manual

Helped TCM grow from early-stage startup to world's leading soccer coaching resource. Provided infrastructure development, content strategy and email marketing platform to reduce burn rate, increase revenue more than 20x and become cash-flow positive.

From January 2012 to January 2015

Holland to Hitchen

From June 2012 to July 2012

Better Football

Launched 'Soccer coaching sessions as a service' micro-business whilst at University. Profitable in 2 weeks and full-time income in 2 months. Whilst travelling through Asia I expanded operations to include a digital magazine (2nd iPad magazine in the UK), successful website, iTunes' most popular soccer coaching podcast, a video series and a book published in 2010. Helped Greater Sport and The FA develop a mentorship scheme which became a nationwide programme in 2013.

From March 2008 to January 2012

Freelance Journalist

Sports journalist specialising in coaching, youth development and grassroots sport. Contributor to CNN, FourFourTwo and T3 and expert guest on TV and Radio interviews with BBC and Sky Sports.

From June 2008 to November 2010

N64 Mapped

Created my first 'magazine' aged 12. Walkthroughs and reviews of Nintendo games hand-crafted by a team of 3. Hugely profitable, as long as I surreptitiously printed all the issues on my dad's company photocopier when he wasn't looking.

From September 1998 to June 2000

My Education

I went to some very good schools. I did well there. I don't think it's particularly relevant to life after age 20.


Philosophy, Politics & Economics

Studied PPE at University of Manchester 2005-2008 with a particular interest in Rawls, Nietzsche and the late-20th Century US libertarian movement. Sports Editor at The Sanctuary Newspaper.


Economics, Physics, Maths, Geography & English Literature

Urmston Grammar School Sixth Form College. No longer had to wear a blazer and tie.


11x A*-grade GCSEs (& C in Art)

Urmston Grammar School. Managing Director of Young Enterprise scheme. Had to wear a blazer and tie every day for 5 years. Art GCSE coursework was worth at least a B.


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